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Jun 10

Classic #TIA day! 

Classic #TIA day!  First I find out that due to other unavoidable commitments, I will be presenting alone at the MOH today without my Ugandan colleagues… Okay no big deal, I’m prepared and I have done my fair share of tough speeches before.  😎 But then…Arrived at ministry of health after having travelled 100’s km …

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Feb 09

Thoughts on medical volunteering…

Yesterday some visiting doctors came to the hospital as part of a wilderness medicine tour of uganda. I had the pleasure of hosting a couple of cardiologists on our ward and answering their questions about life as a doctor here. Later that evening they invited me up to their lodge to meet the rest of …

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Oct 08

Writ large in our eyes

His hands are wringing, frail and wasted with disease, bones straining to break through stretched paper thin skin. Yellowed blood shot eyes staring up at me with a pleading expression, seeking out my eyes for some truth, some answers, some hope. Myself, reflected back in those glassy jaundiced pools of desperation, compassionate but struggling to …

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