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Jun 05

A man’s world? 

“Has your husband beaten you before?” I wait patiently for the nurse to translate my question and her subsequent reply in Rukiga. I already know the answer, I can see it in her downcast furtive gaze. “Yes” “How often?” “Every time he drinks alcohol” “How often does he drink alcohol?” “Every day” This tiny woman, …

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Jan 17

Stories of Us: How telling stories can change the world

Flight of the Butterflies - Monarch Sky2 - SK Films2 (1)

(Excerpt from my recent webinar for Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management) Storytelling is a powerful tool for change. Throughout history stories have been used to translate values and inspire action, to bring people together, bind communities. My story starts with my first call to medicine, one of my earliest memories, enhanced over the years …

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