Oct 02

Fake plastic lives

Seriously … just start saving up one weeks worth of disposable plastic that you use and you are likely to be horrified: food packaging (that shit has got way out of hand!), straws, balloons, magazine wrappers, drinks bottles, washing up liquid, cosmetics, flower wrapping, card wrapping (why on earth do we need to buy cards -which come in envelopes- wrapped in plastic!!?!!) We don’t have to throw everything away, recycling alone is not enough and our disposable culture is a one way fast trip to disaster!

It does take a little effort to try to get rid of disposable plastic in our lives but you know what, we are all just gonna have to suck it up and put in a little bit of work!

This situation is totally unnecessary and bred entirely by our own lazy, ignorant, self-centred behaviours. I mean seriously, why do you need 2 straws in every drink I’m a bar? Why do individual vegetables need to be bought wrapped in plastic? The situation is ludicrous and utterly shameful!

Find a store near you that sells things in paper bags and does refills of bottled products (and if you have to walk a little further or ride your bike to get there you’ll be okay… in fact you’ll be fitter and healthier for it). Then refuse to shop anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong it is hard at first, I have found it challenging and an still ok a journey to getting it right. You will be surprised how much you have subconsciously ignored and taken for granted … but we HAVE to wake up and start pushing for change bottom up. You gotta start some where, so just start by thinking and trying!

If enough people do this things will have to change. Don’t wait for some money addled politician or corporation to make an out of character choice of conscience to make your life easier! Get off your ass and stop being part of the problem. Simple.

More advice can be found here:

100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life




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