Jun 10

Classic #TIA day! 

Classic #TIA day! 

First I find out that due to other unavoidable commitments, I will be presenting alone at the MOH today without my Ugandan colleagues… Okay no big deal, I’m prepared and I have done my fair share of tough speeches before. 


But then…Arrived at ministry of health after having travelled 100’s km from Bwindi to present at the Maternal Child Health Cluster, only to discover:

1) the venue had been changed to a hotel the other side of town!!!

2) the start time had been changed to start 2 hours earlier!!!

3) the meeting had been merged with the Strategic Monitoring Evaluation and Research meeting?!?

Turns out they left us off the circular email! 


So I hop on a Boda Boda (terrifying motorbikes but the only way to get across Kampala traffic in a hurry) and make it to the Hotel. Upon walking into the room full of 100 Ugandan reproductive and child health movers and shakers, I quickly scan the agenda on the registration desk wondering if I missed my slot. 


Imagine my dismay when I discover despite following to a letter the procedure to submit for the agenda and being directly invited to attend, I can’t see the USHAPE project on there anywhere! 


By this point I think I might spontaneously combust! I travelled by car, bus and plane to make it here for the opportunity to present, left reduced clinical cover at the hospital and stayed up all night to sliding the perfect presentation only to find we are not on the agenda.


HOWEVER… After some schmoozing and charming the secretary, the chair and the commissioner I am given a 15 min slot immediately after the tea break! Smashed the presentation,  comprehensively handled all the questions, got several big smiles and nods around the room and have had several requests for further information and collaboration! 


Now I find myself sitting through the most tedious endless presentation on district league tables and scorecard harmonisation! 


This Is Africa…one minute you think disaster has struck and it’s all over and the next minute you are on top of the world with opportunities abound, then you blink and find you are trapped in one of the most boring moments of your existence to date!

The mind boggles! 😝

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