Jan 30

All the things we cannot say

People keep asking me why I am not blogging much about my time here as a volunteer doctor at Bwindi Community Hospital, Uganda. I suppose it is largely that the things I find most fascinating and the opinions I have consequently developed are not always appropriate to write about publically. Some things  might upset or offend my new friends and community or perhaps exploit them in a way that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Needless to say I find countless intrigues and dilemmas in my data to day life here, whether they be complex and oft tragic clinical scenarios, disturbing ethical challenges, or clashes of culture and religious philosophy.

It is a familiar situation, as I faced the same conflict of interest when I was working in Nepal: the things that were most interesting to me were the very things that could have disrupted and destroyed my work and relationships had I ever voiced them out loud.

I am not sure how other bloggers overcome this… Perhaps by blogging anonymously, although I think that is hard to truly achieve in this technological age, where even the tribesman in the deep bush has a phone with 3G and facebook!

So, some of you will just have to wait until we meet in person to hear some of the “Clectures” generated by the my time here. Until then I will however endeavour to blog a bit more and search for the things I can share with you here.

Til we meet again…

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