Jun 28

Cleanliness is next to …



Today I washed my hair!

You can have no idea of the immense joy this brings after 4 days of hot, humid, stickiness!

Some of the villagers have taken to diverting the hospital quarters water supply and we frequently have no running water! This may seem an ironic statement in the midst of the rainy season with a giant river running nearby, however as far as I can ascertain the hospital has no rain water collection system. And the river… Well cold and inviting as it may appear with the surplus of street cows, pack mules, stray dogs and goat herds around it is not the freshest of water sources.

I should explain that “street cows”, as I like to call them, are tragic little creatures. Past their years of domestic value, they are turned out with no home. They can’t be killed or used for food due to religious reasons, so are destined to roam around looking dirty emaciated and slightly forlorn, generally getting in people’s way, sunbathing in the middle of the road and stealing food from market stalls.

So, as I was saying today is a joyful day as running water has returned, my hair is clean & soon my clothes will be fresh, if only for the moment. But then life is all about living in the moment, right? And this one feels FANTASTIC!!!




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