Nov 08

Trainers Path

Just returned from Trainer’s Path: an original networking mini-conference bringing like-minded student/youth trainers together to explore the transition to the world of professional training.

Over 20 highly motivated and energetic people came together in Maastricht, Netherlands for the first edition of this exciting new event.  Developed by Kajsa Olofssen and Lisette Elsing, in collaboration with Zero Generation, this event was the first of many.

Trainers Path in association with Zero Generation

We learned the art of utilising theatrical concepts to amplify the style and chracter with which we deliver our training sessions, facilitated by the charasmatic Peter van Lindt. On the second day we took the time to reflect on ourselves and our intentions to become professional trainers.  Aided by Critical Mass Foundation Directors, Bos Gadiot and Pelle Berting, we delved deep into our intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, identifying how we can move towards our professional goals.

Following the resounding success of the first Trainers Path event, Zero Generation’s Trainer Development Directorate hope to bring you many more of these fantastic networking and self development opportunities!

Many thanks to all the wonderful participants who we shared this experience with – your energy made the event exceed expectations!

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